Bey Yaar Tara Vina

Time awaits no King. The day is finally here. You climb a step higher in the ladder of life. A few hours and you shall be miles away from us.

But don’t you worry child we are away in miles together we shall cherish all our smiles. Certainly I shall be that one person who will miss you the most, we have a dozens of memories some to be proud of some to be ashamed of. In all the weird times it was us who were together.

May it be the Bhurji at IIM or Boiled at the call centre we were together. Together we learnt how to lie, apparently because we would always be late and needed something to cover that up. Roaming at night and tea at cookde damn those days were so much.

Playing pranks on people!Gosh how can I forget Kanisha Patel hahaha!
We had so much in common from being late latifs to mutual crushes. RP! need I say more :p

Man trust me there’s no other soul I will miss as much as I miss you. Nigga we rocked together. This is just a glimpse of the memories we shared together.
Keep in touch bud.

Wish you all the best.

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