Life and its Shades

I vividly remember the days when there were no worries in life. It is truly said we value things once when we have lost them, but then there’s nothing apart from crying over spilt milk we can do.

Life is like a see-saw you can’t balance it at par one side will always be on a pedestal in comparison to the other. Though we still oscillate to it like a swing.
We are always running in life, it started with grades, accelerated at entrance tests, boomed at placements and now striving through the bonuses. The rat race seems never ending, but we don’t realise even if we win the rat race we are still going to be rats. The most vulnerable animals of the planet.

Being sick, actually opens your eyes to the real world. It is not your assignments or Laptop that pampers you, but it is that mom who thought doesn’t understand who is with you. Dad whom you blamed for not getting you that expensive bike is running all around the hospital for cashless insurances so that you can use your next salary lavishly. Your friends whom you told that you have no leisure time to hang out and movies are the ones who are fulfilling your duties back there.
The maid she is now an integral part of your family, she makes sure to fetch the best fruits from the market from you.

Then your mind drifts back into childhood and despite the pain there is a wide smile on your face, the dream session begins, playing in the mud and fighting for the marbles. That teacher in class whom you adored and made sure you were her favourite student. Remember that fight when you weren’t allowed to watch TV after 10PM. You wanted to be a writer, your hero was R.K Narayan and Chacha Chaudhary they made you smile with their characters.

Time for injection and you jump back to life, you leave a grin on your face as you wonder what had you planned and where you’ve landed. Life is a bitch had it been a slut it would be easy. Studies never interested you and that shitty MBA you don’t remember a thing from those two years apart from the sexual escapades and cigarette smokes.

The only thing that makes you smile wide is, despite of all the ups and downs of life it is the relations and bounds that have been with they have supported you all through your life, even when you flunked your 10th standard grades.
It is high time now, try pursuing that incomplete dream, be sure there is an invisible pat on your back from dad saying “ Go for it young man!”; there are hidden blessings from mom saying, “My son is going to spread smiles with words”; there is a veiled smile from your buddies shouting, “ We knew it you’re going to nail it”.

Rise up its high time now! With the sycophancy of past two years, you have sufficient funds to live your dreams.

What if you fail? Don’t worry you’ll learn a lesson and you this one would not like the maths classes where you couldn’t learn. This one will change you positively and give you a better meaning in life than those 5% increment bonuses.

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