Let him Dream

When you cage him in the name of restrictions. Do you think you are doing something to improve his future? For his betterment? Unfortunately it isn’t so. He is an aspirer he has his thoughts, dreams, visions. Some may seem imaginative about some you might be sceptical. But for him they matter a lot. Don’t shatter them. It gives him a ray of hope. It what he thinks about all day long. You say he is building castles in the air. Did you ever ponder that if someone hadn’t dreamt we would still be hunters and gatherers.
Your view isn’t wrong, you too have a fear what if he fails? It shall waste his future. But let him take a shot. It is truly said experience is the best teacher. He shall fall, get hurt but he would have gained something. To criticize him you use the degree of comparison you gauge his malign activities with the good activities of some other person. You think this is a way of motivating him to aspire and be something that he isn’t. But actually this makes him more morose. There comes a time when he feels he is incapable of doing something.
If he has dreams, visions then motivate him. It need not be always, but rather than always criticizing it listen to it once may be he has a talent undiscovered in him. If he aims high let him do so. If he aims for the moon he will at least reach the stars. Don’t limit his thoughts. Thoughts are boundless.
You may force him to do something that he dislikes he won’t even argue accept it unwillingly by God’s grace even succeed but what about that dream he saw? You killed it before it was even born. He may ignore it but deep down it pricks him he had a dream unlived, he would be thinking if he had lived his dream life would be something better.
So let him live he may not be right but his aspirations, his dreams mean alot to him, have a look back and put a mirror onto your heart and remember your dreams unlived, don’t they run a chill down your spine?