Inevitable Death

Death is inevitable we all know that deep down our hearts that one day it has to come,we always overlook. We want to ignore the horrifying part which is bound to come. You know just the thoughts about it will run chills down your spine. Well what is worse than your own death? It is death of an intimate one.

A sudden death of someone who you have been meeting daily or someone who matters a lot to you.

Just for a second imagine your best friend is no more. Isn’t it too hard to digest.I am sure the thought itself made you frown. Who will be hearing all the secrets? Who will you rush to tell that your crushed smiled at you? Who will be teasing you “rehne de tumse na ho paega”. This is to tough to believe isn’t it.

Imagine after work you rush home tonight to tell your mum about the accolades you received in the office and you find the house is packed with cries and grief and you see her drapped in a white cloth; her toes tied together and cotton stuck up in her nose. Won’t you wish the earth to swallow you?
You fight with her daily, tell her that she doesn’t understand but you know she is the only one who understands. You know she is that woman who knows why your pillows in morning are always wet. She is the woman who knows why you blush with eyes glued to your Whatsapp.

You are angered another day of overtime, the job has taken up your dad’s social life. You were shouting on him this morning for not coming early just for those over time pays. Your phone rings its him you are angry and ready to shout how long will he take and you hear he is no more; a cardiac arrest. You are so devastated, guilt is suffocating you up. You wish you hadn’t shouted on him, you wish you had been good to him. The pressure couln’t pump up through his blood. All you can do is frown. You wish you had made him the presentation. You wish you hadn’t gone to Goa and contributed to the monthly expenses. A clean head shave will not hide the shame for the guilt which is building up in you.
You feel like a murderer.

She is the joy of life. Always on her toes to see a smile. She is awake before you because she knows you know tea as soon as you wake up. She sacrifices her lunch time because you want hot rotis. She will await you and kill her hunger awaiting you, just to later hear you had it in the meeting. Today you wonder why didn’t she call up. Oh! She must have forgotten because of her kitty parties. You look at your smiling pictures which is your wallpaper. Remember how wonderful that limited budget Honeymoon to Mt.Abu was just the two of you, the way she clinged to you during horse riding. That Titanic pose at Sunset Point. Those days were so good. You feel the love is in the air. You shut down your Macbook air. You wish to take her to that new exhibition she was talking about in the morning. On your way you take Jasmine flowers for her, it again brings you to nostalgia when you gifted her roses and she started sneezing; she was allergic to roses. You reach home just to find a mob of people standing there, you enter the hall and your instinct tells you something is not right. You see her lying there lifeless and you realise nothing is right. She had fallen while cleaning the fans and hit her head on the edge of Dining table. You suddenly remember your words you spoke in the morning “Apart from kitty I wish you could make this
building a home, atleast the fans can be cleaned or does madam need special servants for that too”
You stand there in aghast shattered like a king whose subjects have been wiped away by a malady. You just wish you hadn’t scolded her. Not for once you had been able to make her smile now all you can do is cry and let tears drop down your face like water from a faulty tap.

This is just an example likewise every person you meet daily matters a lot to you. It’s just you don’t realise till they are gone. Be good with every one, they are special and a reason why you strive. Death is inevitable and comes when least expected. So make every special person realise that Yes! They matter in your life