Let him Dream

When you cage him in the name of restrictions. Do you think you are doing something to improve his future? For his betterment? Unfortunately it isn’t so. He is an aspirer he has his thoughts, dreams, visions. Some may seem imaginative about some you might be sceptical. But for him they matter a lot. Don’t shatter them. It gives him a ray of hope. It what he thinks about all day long. You say he is building castles in the air. Did you ever ponder that if someone hadn’t dreamt we would still be hunters and gatherers.
Your view isn’t wrong, you too have a fear what if he fails? It shall waste his future. But let him take a shot. It is truly said experience is the best teacher. He shall fall, get hurt but he would have gained something. To criticize him you use the degree of comparison you gauge his malign activities with the good activities of some other person. You think this is a way of motivating him to aspire and be something that he isn’t. But actually this makes him more morose. There comes a time when he feels he is incapable of doing something.
If he has dreams, visions then motivate him. It need not be always, but rather than always criticizing it listen to it once may be he has a talent undiscovered in him. If he aims high let him do so. If he aims for the moon he will at least reach the stars. Don’t limit his thoughts. Thoughts are boundless.
You may force him to do something that he dislikes he won’t even argue accept it unwillingly by God’s grace even succeed but what about that dream he saw? You killed it before it was even born. He may ignore it but deep down it pricks him he had a dream unlived, he would be thinking if he had lived his dream life would be something better.
So let him live he may not be right but his aspirations, his dreams mean alot to him, have a look back and put a mirror onto your heart and remember your dreams unlived, don’t they run a chill down your spine?

Life and its Shades

I vividly remember the days when there were no worries in life. It is truly said we value things once when we have lost them, but then there’s nothing apart from crying over spilt milk we can do.

Life is like a see-saw you can’t balance it at par one side will always be on a pedestal in comparison to the other. Though we still oscillate to it like a swing.
We are always running in life, it started with grades, accelerated at entrance tests, boomed at placements and now striving through the bonuses. The rat race seems never ending, but we don’t realise even if we win the rat race we are still going to be rats. The most vulnerable animals of the planet.

Being sick, actually opens your eyes to the real world. It is not your assignments or Laptop that pampers you, but it is that mom who thought doesn’t understand who is with you. Dad whom you blamed for not getting you that expensive bike is running all around the hospital for cashless insurances so that you can use your next salary lavishly. Your friends whom you told that you have no leisure time to hang out and movies are the ones who are fulfilling your duties back there.
The maid she is now an integral part of your family, she makes sure to fetch the best fruits from the market from you.

Then your mind drifts back into childhood and despite the pain there is a wide smile on your face, the dream session begins, playing in the mud and fighting for the marbles. That teacher in class whom you adored and made sure you were her favourite student. Remember that fight when you weren’t allowed to watch TV after 10PM. You wanted to be a writer, your hero was R.K Narayan and Chacha Chaudhary they made you smile with their characters.

Time for injection and you jump back to life, you leave a grin on your face as you wonder what had you planned and where you’ve landed. Life is a bitch had it been a slut it would be easy. Studies never interested you and that shitty MBA you don’t remember a thing from those two years apart from the sexual escapades and cigarette smokes.

The only thing that makes you smile wide is, despite of all the ups and downs of life it is the relations and bounds that have been with they have supported you all through your life, even when you flunked your 10th standard grades.
It is high time now, try pursuing that incomplete dream, be sure there is an invisible pat on your back from dad saying “ Go for it young man!”; there are hidden blessings from mom saying, “My son is going to spread smiles with words”; there is a veiled smile from your buddies shouting, “ We knew it you’re going to nail it”.

Rise up its high time now! With the sycophancy of past two years, you have sufficient funds to live your dreams.

What if you fail? Don’t worry you’ll learn a lesson and you this one would not like the maths classes where you couldn’t learn. This one will change you positively and give you a better meaning in life than those 5% increment bonuses.

Cacophony of an Empty Wallet

I am always with him; wherever he goes I am bound to stay with him. To be honest, I am the one who decides where he shall be. Yes! He is dependent on me for his living and recreations. I am his wallet.

However, I share a very sad story from in a handcrafted box in a big gift shop to being rugged in the unwashed sweaty jeans for days I have seen it al. I vividly remember the day when his girl bought it for him as a valentines gift and he smiled looking at me. As soon as we reached home he stuffed me with what is usually not in a wallet. I was stuffed with bills instead of cash, visiting cards instead of Debit and Credit cards and Condoms (fucking license) rather than driving license. At that moment I realized bad fate had befallen me, the worst had just happened to me. I was a wallet of a broke jerk. The misery had just begun.
The 1st of every month, I would get a cleanup and I would be puffed with full of notes. That evening I would be manhandled in his drunk hands as he danced and partied at the bar.The money from me would evaporate faster than water droplets under the scorching sun.

Most of the time I would be empty he would remove me whenever he went out to the local food joint but never opened me, seems he was just a big show off. I used to eavesdrop and hear how he always felt he was underpaid and how he had so many commitments and responsibilities to meet. He would always give the lion’s share to his better half who would eventually go out and spend on things like me, which lie uselessly with him.

At times I used to compare myself with an onion, whenever he opened it he would cry. I was like his girlfriend, just bones, no meat. I still found it amusing how he carried me everywhere and protected me and kept me so close to him. Maybe it was the affection he had with me because she had gifted it to him.

This was one uniqueness between us and the humans the emotions and affection for materialistic things. Maybe that’s why they are called living beings and us merely materialistic things.

With this, I just want to share to all this living beings we won’t mind if you purchase my siblings who aren’t as expensive as me as long they don’t make you cry. Because we have known affections aren’t measured in money.

Wallet X the cost effective wallet to store your bucks.

Roy : A Mystery

We humans are a very unique creature on the planet Earth. We live a LIFE, a word which everyone depicts a different meaning out of it. We spend all our time trying and aspiring to achieve something, to be something which we are not rather than cherishing about what we are.
We know that there’s something better we can do, there’s a soul out there which is not us but rather someone what it wishes to be. Always rushing trying to win the rat race; forgetting that even if we win the rat race we’ll still be the Rat.
Roy a movie which couldn’t be depicted and understood by the mass audience, rats, so they named it Confused movie. However, from my perspective it had a great lesson to teach to all of us. Think about it this way! Who are we? Don’t think like the dutiful son of your mother or the sincere employee of your boss try to discover who are you? Are you living a life that others wish you to live?
Let me tell you the answer, yes, but you would never admit the fact. We always run from the bitter truth and harsh realities of life. Seldom do people live the life they wish to live, otherwise you see them striving hard to keep up the life that others want them to portray.
Stories, dreams, imaginations are boundless your brains have no boundaries they can wonder carelessly all over just like a the stupid writers pen that cries out everything out without thinking about the margins of the paper. The pain hits the writer’s heart, the pen bleeds and the pain is inflicted on the paper. Poor paper, just like a mother, ready to embrace all the griefs and outshine its victim with a wonderful story to win him accolades.

Maybe that’s what make the writers different, they don’t care about the status quo they live several lives in one, life which they aspire to live they craft it on a paper and the world cherishes about their imaginations.
It might be hard to digest, take it this way, and glance over the past of your life. All the hardships, the achievements, the failures, the broken hearts and incomplete dreams. You can turn your life too in to a novel but we don’t have the guts to show it the people. Writers push it to that extra mile.

That’s what it’s all about so simple yet too complex to digest. In case someone finds the meaning of life, please meet me, as I m still trying to find it out.

Inevitable Death

Death is inevitable we all know that deep down our hearts that one day it has to come,we always overlook. We want to ignore the horrifying part which is bound to come. You know just the thoughts about it will run chills down your spine. Well what is worse than your own death? It is death of an intimate one.

A sudden death of someone who you have been meeting daily or someone who matters a lot to you.

Just for a second imagine your best friend is no more. Isn’t it too hard to digest.I am sure the thought itself made you frown. Who will be hearing all the secrets? Who will you rush to tell that your crushed smiled at you? Who will be teasing you “rehne de tumse na ho paega”. This is to tough to believe isn’t it.

Imagine after work you rush home tonight to tell your mum about the accolades you received in the office and you find the house is packed with cries and grief and you see her drapped in a white cloth; her toes tied together and cotton stuck up in her nose. Won’t you wish the earth to swallow you?
You fight with her daily, tell her that she doesn’t understand but you know she is the only one who understands. You know she is that woman who knows why your pillows in morning are always wet. She is the woman who knows why you blush with eyes glued to your Whatsapp.

You are angered another day of overtime, the job has taken up your dad’s social life. You were shouting on him this morning for not coming early just for those over time pays. Your phone rings its him you are angry and ready to shout how long will he take and you hear he is no more; a cardiac arrest. You are so devastated, guilt is suffocating you up. You wish you hadn’t shouted on him, you wish you had been good to him. The pressure couln’t pump up through his blood. All you can do is frown. You wish you had made him the presentation. You wish you hadn’t gone to Goa and contributed to the monthly expenses. A clean head shave will not hide the shame for the guilt which is building up in you.
You feel like a murderer.

She is the joy of life. Always on her toes to see a smile. She is awake before you because she knows you know tea as soon as you wake up. She sacrifices her lunch time because you want hot rotis. She will await you and kill her hunger awaiting you, just to later hear you had it in the meeting. Today you wonder why didn’t she call up. Oh! She must have forgotten because of her kitty parties. You look at your smiling pictures which is your wallpaper. Remember how wonderful that limited budget Honeymoon to Mt.Abu was just the two of you, the way she clinged to you during horse riding. That Titanic pose at Sunset Point. Those days were so good. You feel the love is in the air. You shut down your Macbook air. You wish to take her to that new exhibition she was talking about in the morning. On your way you take Jasmine flowers for her, it again brings you to nostalgia when you gifted her roses and she started sneezing; she was allergic to roses. You reach home just to find a mob of people standing there, you enter the hall and your instinct tells you something is not right. You see her lying there lifeless and you realise nothing is right. She had fallen while cleaning the fans and hit her head on the edge of Dining table. You suddenly remember your words you spoke in the morning “Apart from kitty I wish you could make this
building a home, atleast the fans can be cleaned or does madam need special servants for that too”
You stand there in aghast shattered like a king whose subjects have been wiped away by a malady. You just wish you hadn’t scolded her. Not for once you had been able to make her smile now all you can do is cry and let tears drop down your face like water from a faulty tap.

This is just an example likewise every person you meet daily matters a lot to you. It’s just you don’t realise till they are gone. Be good with every one, they are special and a reason why you strive. Death is inevitable and comes when least expected. So make every special person realise that Yes! They matter in your life

Bey Yaar Tara Vina

Time awaits no King. The day is finally here. You climb a step higher in the ladder of life. A few hours and you shall be miles away from us.

But don’t you worry child we are away in miles together we shall cherish all our smiles. Certainly I shall be that one person who will miss you the most, we have a dozens of memories some to be proud of some to be ashamed of. In all the weird times it was us who were together.

May it be the Bhurji at IIM or Boiled at the call centre we were together. Together we learnt how to lie, apparently because we would always be late and needed something to cover that up. Roaming at night and tea at cookde damn those days were so much.

Playing pranks on people!Gosh how can I forget Kanisha Patel hahaha!
We had so much in common from being late latifs to mutual crushes. RP! need I say more :p

Man trust me there’s no other soul I will miss as much as I miss you. Nigga we rocked together. This is just a glimpse of the memories we shared together.
Keep in touch bud.

Wish you all the best.

SkyBAgs not just an ordinary bag

He knew very well he wasn’t a perfectionist and no one is. He was always rushing from one end to the other like the chipmunk who runs collecting nuts. He was always late wherever may it be. It was not his fault he was doing so many things that time was becoming a constraint.

He was running with so many things to win the rat race. He had forgotten what the dawn looked like. He would burn the midnight oil and push himself a bit harder every day.

He was a dreamer I vividly remember how he used to be in school always lost in his own world. Gazing outside the windows it seemed that he was talking with the trees. He used to look at them for hours and then scribble down something in his book.

But now he doesn’t have so much leisure, the shadows of responsibilities have overshadowed him he has accountability to answer. May be the education carved out the creativity from him or maybe he doesn’t have the time to write down.

I still see him he comes home late we both are so exhausted he throws me in the corner and jumps on the bed. Within a jiffy the room is filled with his snores. Again the next day he wakes up and rushes to the bathroom and within 15 minutes I am hanging on his shoulder ready for the long day.

He says no one knows his secrets but I know them all. He usually mumbles as he walks to the bustop and then he wears a fake smile and enthusiasm starts running in him when he sees people. He may pretend all is alive and kicking he is so jovial and full of life. People usually tap him on the back eventually hurting me with those dirty hands. But I don’t feel bad as this brings the widest smile on his face.

There is this part of the day which I hate the most. It is the evenings when he is sipping his tea. He is so frustrated he has so many tensions he keeps cursing himself believing he is not doing good. He hugs me so tight, I wish I had hands I would hug him back, I wish I had voice I would tell him ‘it’s allright’ , I wish I had hands I too would pat his back for all that he’s doing, I wish I had lips I would give him a peck on his cheeks just to cheer him up.

All I can do is sob all his tears in me. They usually dry over me leaving patches on me. But I don’t feel bad as this relieves all his pains.

I wonder what he’s doing why he’s doing? I have heard people giving him accolades, I have heard people shouting saying he is of no use. I have seen him throw me up in the air like a child and catch me back. I have seen him kick me hard just to get rid of his anger.

I am sure not even his best friend is as close to him as I am. He trusts me and keeps his weapons safe with him. Yes! I am his guardian. I am the guardian who guards his weapons the Pen and the Paper. I am not just an Ordinary bag, I am a Skybag that holds dreams that aim above the Sky.